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Stuck in the memory..

I am stuck in the memory..
I am dragged to this moment by the passing of years; while my heart still trapped in the goes by..Autumn goes, Spring Comes..Summer goes and Winter comes in..People changes and they move on..and ME? Stuck in the memory..

Thinking of you makes me feel like the same old way..My heart still beats in the feeling of this..Pounding hard as if they will burst anytime..How could i hold my heart beat while i couldn't hold even my breath for a while..and I get lost in the moment every time i think of you..

With all these memories they keep haunting in my dreams. You were so real and i couldn't make out where i am. Couldn't make which is past and which is present. Everything was the same as they were. You whispered in my ear and giggle little. You were so real...and I get lost in the moment again..

I am stuck in the memory of you √ ♀ ♡ ♂

Fighting For Memory; Fighting Memory.

Fighting For Memory; Fighting Memory.

Fighting And Struggling For Memory Since I Was A Boy.
I Have To Stay Up All Night Fighting For Memory
Struggling To Gain Something For My Memory.
Sometimes I Had To Dip My Legs In Cold Water In Freezing Nights.
I Was Very Eager To Grow Older Just To Skip Those Fighting For Memory.
I Hated Fighting For Memory..But Loved Memories, Because That Was The Only Way To Get Promoted To The Next Grade.

Yeah! Things Really Have Changed A Lot As I Grew Older.
But Thing Are No Better Than Those Days.
In Fact, The Fight Seems Much Harder.
I Used To Fight For Memory But Now I Am Fighting My Memories Every Single Day.
They Were Once A Sweet Memory, But Even Good Memory Can Really Get More Hurting,
And Are Harder To Fight Them.
There Are Moments When I Wish If There Were Pills To Clear All My Memories And Wake Up In The Morning, Remember Nothing About The Past And Start All Over Again Afresh.

No Matter How Many Years Had Passed, They Are Still Haunting Me Every Night.
I Couldn't Sleep In The Night. They Are So Damn Hurting.
It Struck Me Down And Makes Me Feel Like I Am So Alone.
So Alone Without..Yet So Hurting With In..
Remembering The Smiles We Had Makes Me Want To Cry..
Day After Day They Are Getting Worse, And The Night Seems Getting Longer And Longer..

Things Are Real Confusing Sometimes. But This Is Always Crystal Clear To Me. I Am Glad I Met You, And Have Not Regret To Have Let My Heart Fall In Love With You And Will Never Be.
(Off The Record, I Still Miss You Every Time I Remember Your Name. But Tell No One.. <3)

A Magician "HEART"

My Heart Play Tricks On Me..
Yeah With Its Magic Stick; It Tricks Me All The Time.
Like A Magician, Performs Illusion On Me.
Make Me See Sprinkles In The Sky..
Like A Mirage In The Desert It Fools Me.
It Makes Me Keep Chasing For It Till I Completely Faint With Weary Hope..
But There Is No Reaching..When I Get There They Are Just Like A Rainbow In The Air..
They Are Gone Before I Can Feel..Gone In The Breeze..
The Faster I Ran, The Further They Are Gone..
It Makes Me Feel Like A Fool, And Left Me With No Reputation.
In The End It Only Make Me Realize They Are Just A Fantasy..
Yeah, My Heart Tricks Me Again..Oh! I Wish They Are Real This Time..
A Magician "HEART" With A Creepy Magic Wand.

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